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On being kidnapped

There is a link. Bear with me. And I guess it’s not really kidnapping when you’re super excited to go. I don’t have a mother-in-law. I can hear some of you exclaiming just how lucky I am. My husband would disagree because he likes his mother-in-law, a lot. Over the course of my marriage, I … More On being kidnapped

The World Is My Classroom

The problem with being 13 years into home education and having poured countless hours into studying how children (and adults, for that matter) actually learn over the course of those years is that you wind up without words when asked whether or not you homeschool during the summer. Somewhere along the way we stopped separating learning/”homeschooling” … More The World Is My Classroom

Why I will never (ever) charge a ridiculous ego-centric amount of money for any painting I create

This is PEI. I want people who live here to be able to afford my work and hang it in their homes. I understand that our island has a significant amount of upper middle class to wealthy retirees. These are not the Islanders (or Islanders By Choice, if you may) that I am referring to. … More Why I will never (ever) charge a ridiculous ego-centric amount of money for any painting I create

Thank you, Penelope Trunk. Because MBTI is important.

I am subscribed to the education portion of Penelope Trunk’s blog. The reason for this is that she is a research maniac who then translates her oodles of research into simple and direct words that are for the most part spot on. Some people don’t like this. That’s OK; they don’t have to read her … More Thank you, Penelope Trunk. Because MBTI is important.

Super Awesome Day

It is almost 11:00pm and I am ENFP-ing. EVERYONE is asleep except for me, but my mind is all over the place and I don’t really want today to end. If you could imagine Tigger on uppers that is me when everyone goes to bed. Unless I’m sick. We went to an authentic archaeological dig … More Super Awesome Day


This past week has been insanely busy for our family. My husband has been battling yet another kidney stone (this time 9mm). He is also working 1km away full time doing what he had been longing to do as he is tired of construction: working with his tractor/backhoe outdoors, and soon to be overseeing a … More Changes

Planet Earth Game

Value Village is my FAVOURITE store for scoring sweet (and unexpected) homeschool-related deals. I never know what I am going to find in there, and some days I don’t find anything. Other days feel as though The Universe is smiling upon me and was kind enough to insert a horseshoe into my rear end while I … More Planet Earth Game