Sample Daily Schedule

This schedule excludes any homeschooling beyond that of reading with my four-year-old daughter, as five of my children are enrolled in public school for the year. It could be of use to any other mother who is home with two young children during the day, as I find that when I buckle down and make an effort to follow it, my days and weeks go much, much better. I feel more relaxed, I am much happier, and everyone else is as well.  I have been “off the wagon” for a little too long now, and just spent about half an hour tweaking this schedule and my weekly one to change what needed to be changed. I figured I might as well share it, in case others find it as helpful as I do. But it all boils down to making an effort to work with it, even if it is only to a 60-70% level; it is still an effort, and it will still make a difference. Believe me.

6:00 am:

Wake up!

  • Coffee!!!
  • Start breakfast, get out vitamins & set table (or floor for us at this point–long story).
  • Get dressed. Wash face, brush teeth. Patchouli (of course).
  • 1st load in washer.
  • Go over day’s plan.
  • Kids: Breakfast, get dressed, beds made, teeth, face & hair done.
  • See kids off to bus.
  • Breakfast with The Husband.
  • Check e-mail.
  • First load of laundry in.
  • Clean up.
  • Do daily chores (a.k.a. pick up the morning mess lol, sweep, etc.).
  • Transfer laundry to line or dryer & put another load in.
  • Supper in slow cooker if needed, or prepped & ready in the fridge for later.
  • Outside time with girls.


  • Make lunch.
  • Tidy up.
  • Weekly chores.
  • 2-year-old down for a nap.
  • Reading with 4-year-old.
  • Yoga.
  • Fold & put laundry away.
  • Last load in dryer.
  • 30 minutes of purging/de-cluttering (we have too much stuff).
  • 30 minutes of art-related work.
  • 30 minutes of writing, or reading current book.
  • Prepare snacks for when the kids get home.


  • Kids are home. Snacks & homework help.
  • Last laundry load folded & put away.
  • Last minute supper prep done.
  • Just before supper: check & answer e-mail.


  • Baths as needed.
  • Clean up. Make sure everyone has their clothes laid out for the next day & papers/agendas signed as well. Small snack before bed, and then PJs & brushed teeth.
  • Stories for little ones at 8:30pm if they want, and then bed time at 9:00pm!!!
  • Lay out my own clothes.
  • Prep coffee maker & breakfast stuff.
  • Make lunches.
  • Blog & FB if desired. 🙂

I find that I tend to keep my laptop open and pop on & off Facebook throughout the day. It can be great for connection & encouragement, as a housewife does not have co-workers. 😉
That said, it can also prove to be a hindrance in getting one’s work done. So you have to decide what works best for you. There are days that it does not interfere with anything and others when it would be wiser for me to put it away and not look at it until the next computer time comes around.

Hope this can be of assistance to fellow moms of young ones who are reading this. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sample Daily Schedule

  1. this is what i need! i need a schedule! i’ve just been winging it and i feel like he comes home wondering what the heck i’ve been doing all day. no one tells you that you better get organized when you have kids. never my strong suit, but making lists is!

    1. It does help a lot, even if you follow it in a relaxed way. Our schedule has since changed due to homeschooling the kids again and moving into a new house. I should re-pot an updated version at some point. I also tend to switch days around if it’s more convenient, like if it’s better that week to to the Monday stuff on Wednesday, then I do & do the Wednesday stuff on Monday. 🙂

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