Sample Weekly Housework Schedule


  • Brunch or pancake morning
  • Waste or compost bin by the curb
  • Tidy sun porch if needed
  • Oldest Boy can do his laundry and change his sheets


  • Bathrooms
  • Little Boys’ laundry
  • Little Girls’ baths/showers & sheets


  • Kitchen day (baking, sauces, dips & stock)
  • Little Girls’ laundry
  • Little Boys’ baths/showers & sheets
  • Mop floors at night or during the day if the kids are napping or otherwise busy


  • Dusting & vacuuming
  • Windows & mirrors
  • The Husband’s laundry
  • Our sheets


  • Tidy up cupboards
  • Clean out fridge
  • Clean oven & stove if needed (and if possible as a self-cleaning oven makes your house stink and you lose your oven for a few hours)


  • Menu Plan & Grocery List
  • Sort through sock basket
  • Charlottetown if needed


  • Groceries & Library
  • Outdoor yard work
  • Big Girls can do their laundry & change their sheets

The kids will often want to make some money so many of the chores on the list wind up being done by the older children. We pay them for these jobs, but not for their regular “helping out” chores, such as cleaning up after a meal or helping get the house in order if we’ve all been busy or out and about. Obviously things will not always work out the way I might try to plan them. We may have to head into Charlottetown on a Tuesday, we may have people stopping by and staying for coffee or lunch, we may get sick. But at least there is a base plan. The trouble begins when I stop even trying to follow it at all ;)…

I am the first to admit that I absolutely HATE dusting and doing windows and mirrors, so the reality is that you may see the same smudges on my windows and mirrors for weeks because it is like walking through quicksand for me to make myself take care of them. Silly, I know, since it hardly takes any time at all. Maybe you could help me and give me some tips on buckling down for the dusting and widows and mirrors. It would be appreciated. 🙂

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