It is 11:25pm.

My family (save my almost 14yo who is watching HILARIOUS videos on his laptop) is asleep.

I am awake.

VERY awake…

Life was easy before children. Those days when everything revolved around us and our future… We (I) didn’t seem to clue in that other human beings may be involved in this future.

I am awake. And thinking. Thinking a little too much. I am a Gemini, ruled my Mercury, which means my mind never truly stops even if I want it to.

I am certain that by tomorrow morning (post coffee) the things that are consuming me right now will no longer be of such serious concern. But they are now. Perhaps because I am tired…

Have I mentioned that my eldest child is bigger than I am and  can hold me by force with my hands behind my back if he wants to? This lasts a few seconds, until the pleasure holds no novelty, and I have begun to mention the details of his birth in order to get him to release me (ha ha ha—go Mom)…


To those whose children are still quite young: they grow up. Rather quickly. You will make mistakes, but don’t torture yourselves; many of your so-called “mistakes” will lead them through the tougher times of their lives, and supply them with strength they would not have had, had you indulged them…


All that I can say, all that I can share, is that you must trust your instinct, your gut, above even the words of the people you may respect the most, when raising your children. We have been gifted with a connection to our young; we must embrace this, and trust it. Quite difficult in our Western society of 2012. But we need to do it.


I will leave you with that.

Good night…

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