Seventy-Four Days Until Summer

Experienced a bit of hands-on learning at the local restaurant where I will be working part time this summer. There was an Easter Brunch Buffet, and a lot of Caesar’s to make. Which I had never made. Which I now know how to make. And Spanish coffee… My first shift. It was fun. That’s not sarcasm, either. I enjoyed myself…

I had a mental block when a customer went to pay cash and my brain froze regarding their change. That was a little odd for me, so I am making a point of doing some of the mental math exercises from one of the homeschool high school math books I have here to just stay fresh. I don’t have trouble when it comes to using it in ways that I do every day, but assisting several people regarding bills while simultaneously learning how to work a system that is new to me is not an everyday thing, so the noggin’ was a wee bit off for a minute. This would fall under  #3 (Intellectual Development) from my last post. And the yoga that I will do later to counteract any aches would fall under #2.

We spent last evening celebrating a friend’s birthday. It was nice to be out, just the two of us, enjoying food and laughs with other adults. We met a few new people as well, who were quite fun. As we were only a five minute drive away, we had the kids set up for supper with the oldest two in charge. The 12yo likes to cook and get her hands dirty in the kitchen, so that was not an issue… until her siblings started complaining, which frustrated her a little. They were fine though, and we didn’t get a single phone call from them throughout the course of the evening. We came home to the dishes from supper in the dishwasher and the pans done, and all but two children asleep already. It was a much-needed break for the two of us. We snuggled in and tried to watch a movie when we got home but we were too tired so sleep it was. I guess I can place last night under #4 & 5, eh? No worries, I will not be “classifying” my future posts like this. 😉 Having to write about the different areas mentioned makes me much more aware of them in my life though.

A picture:

One of my kiddos did this with watercolour. I’m a sentimental Mom… 😉
I am classifying this one under #6 (Art) because even if I didn’t make it, it is beauty. Art is something I encourage with in my children and their work makes me smile.

The End. 🙂

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