Because I *can* spend the day in a bikini and wrap skirt.

I recently had to answer a series of questions about homeschooling from Together Family Magazine for one of their upcoming features. It was an interesting experience as it forced me to revisit our reasons for being open to homeschooling and unschooling, and my own personal feelings about the pros and cons of the school system in general. I will post when it is out, but that’s all I’m going to say on the subject at this point.

The weather here on PEI has been beautiful for two days now, with yesterday’s temperatures hitting Bikini Range.  I was up yesterday at 5:00am to drive my husband and eldest son into Charlottetown to catch the bus to the train station in Moncton, NB. They have probably arrived in Drummondville, QC by now and I am certain to be hearing from them soon. The poor guys had to wait in Moncton for hours after walking 1.5km with their heavy duffel bags from the bus station to the train station. While stores were open here on PEI during Victoria Day (no school though), everything was closed in Moncton, leaving them with not much to do but twiddle their thumbs and talk on the phone with me.

Being exhausted from a shift at the restaurant that did not go so well the day before (my first breakfast shift) and from being up so early after a late night, I chose to slip on the old bikini as the kids got their swimsuits on, slap on some relatively natural sunscreen to set a good example for them, and stretch out, chill out, and enjoy a few nice cold beers on the deck while they played in the stream. It was at that point that I realized how much I wished The Husband and Gigantor (my eldest son is now quite a bit taller than I am and he is not yet 14) had been there to join us. So I called them & told them so.

I have always sucked at BBQing steaks. I got them just right last night. And The Husband missed it. 😦

We had an early night, and the two youngest slept in my bed as is the custom when The Husband is away. My usual tendency when he leaves — which will probably happen today — is to call up girlfriends and toss a little “gathering” together so that moms and kiddos alike can just chill and have some fun. Yesterday was a much needed battery-recharging day. I am getting smarter with age and listening to my inner voice when it occasionally tells me to Do Nothing.

I am finishing my morning coffee in a bikini & wrap skirt. I have a bit of housework to tend to before either heading to the park, beach, or just having some fun outside right here again. It is a beautiful day, and I have chosen a station on Slacker based on a Beach Boys song. Fitting. 🙂

We’ll see what today brings.

3 thoughts on “Because I *can* spend the day in a bikini and wrap skirt.

  1. They had to walk to the train station? Odd, seems to me when I was in the same situation there was a bus that took me right there. Poor guys!
    Sounds like you are making the most of your alone time. Wish I could stop in today but Mike is working a 14 hour shift. I will be thinking of you while I finish off the last bit of Grey Fox in the fridge!

      1. I only have one car seat here, sadly. And Mike is only done at 11pm.
        I could walk… 😉 lol.

        I’ll enjoy my grey fox. I know you don’t like white’s but this one’s good in both red and white and if you happen to get a white, there’s one called Yeli (i think) and it’s delish…or Frontera, that’s good too. I don’t drink much…I swear.

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