And it begins!

Today I will be doing the groceries for Week One of the new meal plan I made up, which begins tomorrow. Once a year we do a bulk shopping at Boutique Alentour for dried goods, buckets of PB, etc., which works out to a little less than $30.00/week. We buy a $50.00 box of meat from Island Taylored Meats every two weeks, so that’s $25.00/week. We purchase uncased sausage meat (among other things) because the seasoning and flavours add so much more to dishes than plain ground beef would. If, by chance, something like fair trade dark roast coffee winds up pink-stickered (50% off) at Superstore, we stock up.

I am going to go clean out my fridge this morning and check my pantry, then base my grocery list on what I already have and what I will need to make the meals planned for the week and healthy snacks as well. When I spoke on the phone with The Husband last night (he is in QC until tonight) I told him it begins tomorrow, and no more “popping by Super Store to see if there’s anything good/on sale/to snack on”… He is quite up for this challenge.

On a different note, you know you have a big family when you find yourself thinking how quiet it is because there are only four children in the house…

Here’s a pic of my youngest, The Baby. She will be three in July. She shares my maternal grandmother’s birthday. My mother told me that my grandmother always celebrated her birthday the day after what was on her birth certificate, which they never knew until after she died. Why she did this is a mystery. A lot of mysteries surround her life, but that could be a post for another time…

Here’s The Baby at King’s Castle Provincial Park, where a lot of the equipment is so awesomely and fantastically old school that it would be illegal in some places. Truthfully this is another reason I love PEI; sometimes being way behind the rest of the world can be a good thing! King’s Castle rocks! 🙂

The Baby @ King’s Castle Provincial Park

6 thoughts on “And it begins!

  1. I did groceries with the boys yesterday at Superstore and landed some good deals. We’ve cut way back on certain luxeries because they just keep going up in price. $5-6 for peanut butter, $10-$12 for a brick of certain cheeses…just not happening anymore! But we have found what works for us. I scored some organic honey pink stickered a couple weeks ago, awesome! But ya, we get the boxes of meat for 2 weeks as well ( I just got some sorta wine and cheese sausage meat this time..can’t wait to try it!) and we stick to staples like potatoes and GF pasta casseroles and Basmati rice. We have found this works for us and our grocery bill is a lot cheaper!

    1. It’s amazing how often we buy what we don’t need, what isn’t healthy, and what won’t go very far when we find ourselves in a rush/pinch. Glad you guys are doing so well on this! You also don’t feel so bad if you occasionally treat yourself to something not on the list ;)…

  2. We are only 2, but our grocery bill and wastage have gone way down since I STOPPED looking at flyers. Planning has worked far better. This summer my goal is to buy meat from local farms. We don’t have a chest freezer, so not sure how well that will work over the winter.

    1. We don’t’ have a deep freezer any more, so I have to plan around that, but we do have a huge pantry where most of the bulk dried goods are stored.

      It seems a bit daunting at first (the idea of detailed meal-planning & sticking to a list) but the payoff comes when you find yourself eating better meals than before, and less rushed as far as prep-work goes because you have a plan! Oh, and it was nice (for me) to have a REALLY low grocery bill today and know that I won’t have to be back in there until next Saturday.

      Keep me posted on how the meat thing works out for you! 🙂

  3. I have never been to Taylor meats. We eat mainly chicken, pork, and ground beef. I have 3 less than you, I wonder if I could make 50$ stretch over two weeks. My biggest issue is meal planning – completely lost on where to even begin on that 😦

    1. I asked everyone what their three favourite meals were & went from there. Some meals are more costly than others (waffle night can be that way, as can pizza night) so they are once every two weeks.

      I think you would find it easier to do than it seems. It’s daunting at first. There are a lot of dishes than “overlap” though (I saved my leftover sauce tonight for the chilli that comes up on Thursday). It takes some getting used to but it is doable and everyone that I’ve known who has managed to stick with it finds the rewards are quite significant, both in the financial sense and in the sense that there is no more “what’s for dinner???” chaos going on.

      We used to buy chicken but we’ve just found it harder to stretch. I do miss making stock with the bones and skin/fat though. That was awesome… Seafood can go cheap & be stretched sometimes… Or someone can just go fishing! 😉

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