Day Two

Today was Day Two of the meal plan. Day One went fabulously. I have been spending a lot of time on prep work, but things are running efficiently and our meals are healthy. We went into Superstore today as we were in town for other things, and although there were items on sale, we didn’t buy them because we simply didn’t need them. The Husband bought two jugs of cranberry juice, and that was it. Then we came home and had lunch.

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen today, getting breakfast ready (oatmeal bake was mixed & in the pan the night before & coffee maker was set up as well), making the kids’ lunches for school, getting the spaghetti sauce done from scratch and then the sunflower seed dip whipped up for lunch. But it was enjoyable. The house has smelled like sauce all day, which is lovely to walk into. The molasses cake is done and cooling off for tonight and tomorrow morning. It hardly has any sugar in it and is made from blackstrap molasses, and all of the kids like it so I don’t mind serving it as a breakfast with some yogurt. I actually managed to get out on the deck with my yoga mat around 3:00pm and do a full session of yoga until about 4:20pm. It felt fantastic, and the weather was beautiful. No mosquitoes either. 🙂

We have a wonderful spot here. The Husband has done a terrific job on our house and on the property. We feel so lucky to be where we are, and are grateful. It brings us joy to watch the kids play, to sit out on the deck, to just enjoy the day. We are… blessed.

Have a great day, wherever you are. We certainly have.

The back deck. You can (sort of) see my yoga mat in front of Baby #8 / Protective Beast.
View from the back deck. There is a stream a few feet into the woods.
The house from the back of the property.
Backyard, again where the stream is…
Part of the front yard.
Where we “gather”. Sooooo relaxing!

One thought on “Day Two

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