Toenails and Kindergarten

A few weeks ago The Baby had a door open on her big toe. If you aren’t sure how that’s possible, think about it: kids that age have small toes. When a door opens, there is a space under it just big enough to painfully jam a 2.5-year-old’s toe underneath and injure it in the process. A lot of noise followed, as did some blood, and a subsequent falling off of her toenail a couple of weeks later. It was… kind of gross if I do say so myself. It’s only starting to grow back.

Now, shortly after that nail fell off, the poor kid was at her grandparents’ place about to open the door and someone on the other side of it (unaware she was there) opened it right on her other big toe. More wailing, more blood. More pain.

I was looking at the toe today. It’s going to fall off.

We have had seven children together. None has ever had both big toenails fall off within a couple of weeks of each other. Come to think of it, none has ever had a big toenail fall off at all. Except for #4 who was born with two big toenails on one foot (one on top of the other) so the top one just kind of “shed” when he was a couple of months old.

What followed was one of those classic “you know you’re a homeschooler when” moments: I got my 12.5-year-old to Google the specifics of why toenails fall off. One really has to seize these opportunities…

She will be fine. But it will fall off. When I look at it from the top I can already see that it is no longer attached to the toe except at the base.. There’s a significant space in there.

The Baby’s toenail.

On a completely different note, I have a meeting this evening to welcome my other daughter into kindergarten next fall. This is new for me: none of my children have been to kindergarten. The first ones to ever attend school did it in Grades 3 & 5 last year. I wonder if I will go through Kindergarten Mom Anxiety that so many other mothers do the first day they drop their kids off of watch them get on the bus?

She’s a sociable one, loves the school, loves (LOVES!!!) her teacher, and does well in groups. I shouldn’t be nervous. She’ll be fine. But… she’s my second to last one. And I’ve never done this with any of them before… 😦

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