20 random facts

  1. I like Mumford & Sons.
  2. I hate pickles. I hate their taste and their smell. I hate tasting their residue on my food. The only way I like them is in relish in tartar sauce. Because I hate relish. But I am OK with tartar sauce.
  3. I feel like myself with tattoos. Maybe because I don’t wear much make-up or get tattoos just for the heck of it. They are either beautiful to me, or also meaningful and representing special things or people in my life. I don’t feel harsh, I don’t feel in-your-face, I just feel like I have beautiful art on my body. They are just a part of who I am.
  4. I kicked my brother in the face once when he had braces and made him bleed. He was in the front seat of our car and I was in the back and he wouldn’t leave me alone. My mother was in the mall and we were waiting for her. I lifted my foot up and the sole of my shoe basically smashed into his face at a rather rapid speed. You know those people that pick pick bug bug annoy annoy and really don’t expect anything to happen to them because the person they are picking picking bugging bugging annoying annoying  is either much smaller than them or just usually nice and rarely retaliatory? That was my brother. And the second person was me. But we all have our limits. And I hit mine that day.
  5. I have never had a C-section.
  6. My second toe is longer than my big toe.
  7. I’ve gotten every job I have ever interviewed for except one, and I made it into the top three out of over 200 for that one. It was for a high-end jewellery store in BC. Nice people. They had hopefuls bringing them in home-baked cookies and everything. I didn’t. But they liked me regardless. So I figure I’m either a really good con and don’t even know  it, or maybe I’m just an OK person most of the time and people pick up on it. I’m hoping it’s the latter…
  8. I have seven children and the coolest dog ever besides Lassie.
  9. I paint with my hands and fingers because I like the feel of it and in some odd way more of me winds up going into my art.
  10. I don’t like rude people.
  11. I do like children.
  12. I don’t like adults who don’t like children and then behave worse than most children do. I have known a few of those personally, and they suck to be around.
  13. I lose at chess because I don’t attack, and I also try to save the pawns. My husband laughs at me for this, and I don’t blame him, because it really is hilarious. But I believe that the way a person plays chess is very reflective of how they live life. He has noticed me not even noticing when I could get him in check mate. He has noticed me seemingly unaware of what he was doing and then shocking the hell out of him by pulling an unexpected move after seeming “harmless” for so long during his taking of my pieces. But I can’t for the life of me be cool with letting the pawn be taken even if means I get to save the horse guy or Bishop. Because they’re all people regardless of their rank or title. I am fully aware of how idiotic this sounds, but The Husband and I agree that this makes perfect sense when one looks at chess-playing as a reflection of life. Which brings me to me next two random facts…
  14. While I respect anyone who has been disciplined enough or hard-working enough to achieve their goals in life, I do not consider one man more important as a human being than another because of their title or bank account. What you do is not who you are. I will not kiss your butt because you are a millionaire. On the other hand, regardless of what you do for a living, I will sincerely appreciate you and want to get to know you better if you seem kind, compassionate, and ethical.
  15. I do not attack. I prefer not to have to be involved in conflict and argument with others. But I will respond if provoked, much more so than in my younger years. And I am not afraid to pull out the big guns when needed. I simply prefer not to and try to avoid doing so. But sometimes enough is enough and it needs to be done.
  16. When I am stressed or thinking too much I eat butter. Not “I eat butter on my bread” or “I add butter to my potatoes”. I EAT butter. Like a small chunk on my tongue that I suck on as it melts in my mouth. That’s what I do. It’s weird. I am sure some creepy guy out there might read this and think it’s slightly erotic, and that’s cool, whatever floats your boat, so long as you don’t stalk me for it. But I go into the fridge, and take about 2 tsp worth, and pop it in my mouth. When I was little my mother said she used to find me under Grandma & Grandpa’s table with the butter dish. We had margarine in our house. I liked butter I guess. Maybe that’s where the subconscious association with comfort stems from. I liked their house and visiting them. Good times, good times… So I’m a butter freak. Laugh if you must but I’m still thin regardless of the butter-sucking. So there. 😉
  17. I think older men are unbelievably sexy compared to their young whipper-snapper counterparts. I am attracted to people I can learn from as opposed to teach. The interesting thing about my relationship with my 50-year-old husband is that we have both taught each other so much over the past 15 years, and have come to a place of mutual appreciation and respect because of it. My husband likes to Do as opposed to Dream. I do too. Weirdness seems to be our “normal”… I notice this same tendency as far as broad-minded thinking goes in a lot of men much older than myself. Guys my age are just barely beginning to develop it. So cheers to grey-haired hotties like The Husband who can seemingly do anything, and do it well at that…
  18. I think the Dalai Lama is a pretty cool guy.
  19. Snakes don’t bother me but spiders do. I’m getting better at facing them though. I will study them and Google what kind of spider they are and learn more about them so as not to be so disturbed by their presence. But if anyone  thinks I will ever let a tarantula crawl up my arm they are bloody well fooling themselves.
  20. I am terrified of motorcycles but would be totally up for learning how to hand glide. I have wanted to learn how to hand glide since I was a kid. But motorcycles scare me.

There. Did it. Whew… 🙂

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