And it is scrapped.

Our two week meal plan is scrapped. Botched. Tossed to the side. Quinoa was turned into oatmeal/mueslix because we all hated quinoa, which was fine, but now that the weather is warmer we aren’t exactly craving hot stews/soups/casseroles as much. Or at all.

Salads. Mmm… Fresh veggies, pasta salads, dips. Yum. That’s where we’re at. Salmon on the BBQ, new potatoes with olive oil, salt and pepper… Fruity desserts…

I kind of like my culinary freedom in the summer. So many roadside stands one can stop at when driving by. You never know what you will come across, and then you can simply build a meal around it.

Canada Day is on Sunday. A parade followed by time at the festivities with The Husband and kids. We stay on this corner of the island on Canada Day, and have always skipped the Charlottetown fireworks. I’ve heard that there’s a traffic-free spot just outside of Souris where one can watch theirs comfortably.  Not sure if we’ll do it though — we might opt for a low key backyard gathering here instead.

Does anyone has any great summery recipes for Canada Day? I might make a cake with a sliced strawberry flag on it. Not a fan of sangria. Any favourite deco or food ideas?


Have a great weekend. 🙂

2 thoughts on “And it is scrapped.

  1. I shared a really neat healthy parfait on the Atlantic Fitness East facebook page today. It looks very yummy and would be the perfect colours for Canada Day.

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