School starts in 10 days. For us, this means getting four children up and ready for three different buses taking them to three different schools, and then once they leave, continuing our day with our remaining  homeschooled boys and three year old girl. Mornings can be crazy with getting everyone up and going, dressed, making sure they have all of their stuff ready and lunches as well. Two of the schools are nut-free (minus a few of the students and staff 😉 ), which affects lunches and snacks. Given that we consume a lot of nuts and seeds, this can make things tricky. The Husband has a dairy intolerance, one son has Celiac Disease, and we no longer buy meat. All this to say that life can get a little complicated regarding meals and snacks here at The Hex House.

I have discovered an easy, nutritious and quick breakfast that everyone loves: SMOOTHIES!

Bananas were marked down to half price at the grocery store so we stocked up and refrigerated. These are the ways we’ve had them so far:

Break up bananas & put in blender (as many as you can). Squirt some hemp seed oil and drop a couple of spoonfuls of coconut oil in. Add some chocolate almond milk & blend. This was the favourite.

Break up less bananas, add some frozen berries & a bit of OJ if you have any, add the hemp seed & coconut oil, and add plain almond milk or almond dessert tofu. Blend. One of the kids hates the little seeds from the berries (they were mixed) so we are going to stick with frozen blueberries from now on.

I think  I’m going to try bananas,  coconut oil (by the way, this doesn’t add any coconut flavour, it’s just really good for you), hemp seed oil, peanut butter, and chocolate almond milk next time.


Quick, nutritious breakfast for a crowd of hungry growing kiddos. Gotta love it… 🙂


6 thoughts on “Smoothies

  1. Hey Jo! Je mange souvent des smoothies pour déjeuner les matins! Merci pour les bonnes idées. Je mélange souvent des épinards avec mes smoothies. C’est du calcium de plus et tu ne les goûtes même pas! Bonne rentrée scolaire et j’ai bien hâte d’accueillir tes petits à l’ÉLBC!

  2. I add avocado or a bit of frozen spinach into my kids’. They don’t realize it’s there! They eat smoothies most days which I’m so grateful for. I’m so blessed they don’t mind the seeds from the blackberries. I use frozen berries and frozen sliced bananas (I leave them until they are just going brown so they are nice and sweet before I slice and freeze them in ziploc bags). My 4 year old won’t drink smoothie like my 7 year old, she likes it frozen into ice lollies. She has probably 2 a day! Whatever works! I love plain banana and avocado but the kids find it a bit dense. I add flax oil but maybe your mix is healthier?

    1. I hadn’t thought to pre-slice the bananas. Must make it much easier than attempting to peel the skins off the frozen ones like I do LOL… Thanks for the idea! 🙂

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