Flexible… with a plan.

I love giving my children the freedom to pursue their own interests and passions. That is what keeps learning fun as opposing to allowing it to become tiresome and arduous. Think about it: how much more have you enjoyed learning something new when it has been your decision to do so? Some kids fare well in a school-like setting, and that’s great. I have two boys (14 and almost 9) who need to explore, touch, move, and let their minds wander. That is how they learn, that is how they function, that is how they grow. And I love who they are.

That said…

9yo’s handwriting and spelling need some work. An amazing and hilarious story is useless if it borders on being undecipherable, know what I mean? So we have a couple of workbooks with quick lessons that he can take some time to do in the morning in order to reinforce spelling and grammar, and take his handwriting up a notch or two. As far as math goes, we’ll alternate between playing some of the games found on Ellen J. McHenry‘s site and doing some of the activities from Lesson Pathways. Oh speaking of Lesson Pathways, they have a reading list. The first book on 9yo’s list is The Boxcar Children.

14yo types too much and writes too little. He loves to read, just like his mother. I found this list, and plan to read through it myself (from 100 to 1). Every time I finish one, I will pass it along to him. Two chapters per day (unless he wants to read more) followed by a one page summary of what he has read will suffice. Math will be a bit of All The Math You’ll Ever Need.

The biggest struggle will be French. There are lessons online, I am fluent, but have no patience to teach it as a second language to the kids. But I have to try. We have bilingual books, they have bilingual friends— we’ll figure it out. I hope.

My boys love heading into the woods or on Confederation Trail with me. I bought them both sketch pads to use on our pre-lunch adventures this fall. These walks or bike rides can turn into bringing home sketches of trees or plants, or leaves or berries, and Googling them to find out exactly what they are, whether or not they are edible or medicinal, etc. … Science: books, DVDs, Ellen J. McHenry’s site again… History will be a study of Canada: A People’s History. I love those DVDs and so do The Husband and kids. It’s been a few years since we have watched them, so it’s time for a refresher.

All right. I think we’re set. I think… I think I can do this.

I think we can do this… 🙂


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