Things That Make Me Smile

Well, one thing that makes me smile anyway. And she’s not really a thing, she’s my daughter, who had her hair in curlers a few nights ago.

God I loved setting their hair while the whole family watched a movie in our bedroom. The two youngest (5 & 3) had just finished their baths and were in their PJs, I was half watching the movie, half finishing my obsessive evening “scrambling around like a crazy woman” routine (you know, making sure everything was ready for the next day, the kitchen was clean, papers were signed, homework was done, children were bathed…). It began with one daughter, then another, and the next thing I knew the 12.5 yo was also sitting on my bed asking me to do hers. So I did.

I love my kids. More than anything in the world. The sheer fact that they were born five minutes ago and already some of them are wearing bras and one shaves is more than enough to make me savour moments like the other night, when I set curlers in their hair just because they wanted me to.

These are the moments we hold on to forever.

These are the things that make me smile…

Miss D. in her curlers.

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