The Healthy Halloween Manifesto

If you are anything like my husband and I, the weeks leading up to Halloween are enough to drive you over the edge. We invest time and money into feeding our children whole foods (organic when possible) to keep them healthy. Yes, we occasionally load up on half-price chips at Super Store (our weakness), will score those frozen pizzas when they are on $2.99 special and we are running late, and love hitting Ken’s Fries for a box of them when we go to Charlottetown. I think that last part is more for Ken (have you met this guy? what a card!) than the actual fries, but the fries are definitely yummy.


Candy. Ugh. For a few days — even weeks — before Halloween, well-meaning people hand out candy and chocolate bars and cans of soft drink to our kids. Without asking us. And usually completely oblivious to the (literal) poison they are placing in our children’s hands. Because these are good people. Wonderful people.

We are a diseased, dying population. Allergies, asthma, cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease… Some of the main ingredients in most candies in the US & Canada have been shown to have a direct link to these diseases and health problems. What are we doing??? What are we thinking when we allow our kids to amass bags of this stuff at a time???

I created The Healthy Halloween Manifesto as a Facebook event last night. Because I’m sick of it. I’m sick of strangers giving my kids poison and thinking it’s ok. I’m sick of people seriously believing that this stuff doesn’t harm our kids and then wondering why their kids are getting sick. I’m sick of spending time in the kitchen making hummus, cutting up vegetables, and making stews to keep my children healthy only to have them come home from school during the month of October with suckers. I have heard MANY other parents voice the same frustrations and concerns, but remain at a loss regarding what to do about it as they love the season, the decorations, and seeing the little ones in so many adorable costumes. No one wants to be the Halloween Grinch. So they ask: What do we do? What CAN we do, really?

Well, you can start by making your feelings known to others. Attend on Facebook. Share the event. Post some ideas of what can be done. Discuss with other concerned parents.

CARE. And take action. These are OUR CHILDREN, people. And we are slowly killing them with this garbage. Not cool…

Make a commitment to load your Halloween door-answering stock with things like dried fruit (be careful even with that as some are loaded with sulfites or artificial flavours), fruit leathers, all-natural granola bars, perhaps some colorful mini notebooks and pens, playing cards… unique, non-harmful things that kids will enjoy. Be creative. You can do this.

Change begins one person, one family, one home at a time.

Be part of that change. BE that change.

Join the Manifesto, wherever you are!

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