Bad Mommy

Maybe I am too much of a perfectionist. Maybe I am too much of an idealist. My ideals certainly didn’t match up to my energy levels on a recent road trip to QC with my family.

In fairness to myself, I fared better than many would have. But not nearly as well as I would have liked to.

Crankiness at meal times & after hours in the car ensued. Sometimes it was just too much. There was no room or space to recharge my batteries so that I could be the mom that I want to be. And I would snap. At The Husband. The children. Everyone.

Yes, we had a great trip in so many respects. Yes, come evening, the boys (and dog) had their own room next to us, and we shared a suite with the girls, and we would all watch our own shows on the three(!!!) TVs and go back and forth from room to room or call each other on the phones just for fun. I mean, it was FUN.

But I was tired (exhausted?), and… “snippy”. I don’t like being “snippy” with my family. I like being the mom who is excited about every new adventure and up for it.

How do you all handle road trips with your families? Particularly those of you with large families? If posting a comment is too personal for you, then feel free to use the contact page. I generally have a blast, but was a bit dismayed that it seemed to take a whisky or glass of wine to take the edge off while I made dinner most evenings during this particular venture. Otherwise, it was a great trip. And maybe I am making a mountain out of a molehill; we do, after all, have seven children and a beast (dog)… Perhaps this is normal lol…

I will post pics soon. The Gaspésie is a gorgeous place. And I thoroughly miss using two languages on a daily basis…

Have a good night everyone. And thank you in advance for your feedback/advice. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Bad Mommy

  1. We took lots of roadtrips/camping trips as kids and our parents had regular episodes of crankiness (at wrong turns, when it was raining at set-up time, when we were all bickering in the car, etc), but our memories of the crankiness fade almost to oblivion compared to the memories of the rest of the trip. And I’m sure it’ll be the same with your children. I’m sure that years from now, when they look back on this trip, they won’t be saying, “Too bad Mom was so cranky”, they’ll be remembering what a great time they had and how much beauty they took in.

    1. I think you are right. They already look back on past trips and remember the scenery, the food, someone totally stinking up the car after munching on too many apples along the way… Yep. You’re right. 🙂

  2. I feel you Jo ! Long drives with children can be also VERY difficult for me. Especially when I’m in my special time of the month. I can get very emotionnal and bitchy… We only do 30 min when we travel back to the city after a w/e and I want to pull my hair off … Seriously, its only human. We have limits too. Plus, patience can vary at times. Give yourself EMPATHY, LOVE and UNDERSTANDING and try not to judge yourself too hard. Guiltiness is never good. Do you know NVC by Rosenburg? I’m taking a class right now and its helping me so much. xxx big tight hug to you !

  3. oh sweet jo….do NOT be hard on yourself…it’s a hotel room for pitys sake! yes, i’d be cranky too! you are making memories wiht your precious bunch…that’s what they will remember!

  4. I think that raw patience is the only solution some times. It is very normal to find travelling tough with so many .
    There is an old saying “fake it until you make it”.
    I find myself pretending a lot. Sometimes I find that my act comes true. Other times I just let go. I stop caring about half of what is in my mind to focus on the good half. Other times I just beat my mind into a corner with a broom stick.
    Somehow I think you are the best one to answer your own question because tu est formidable. Probably perfect in your imperfections.

    Peace Jory clan

    1. Thanks Jay. Definitely had a few of those “smiling through clenched jaw” moments while in QC LOL… We did have fun though. I think I just forget that it’s not always going to be easy & fun (because I am a Gemini and everything is supposed to be fun. All the time LOL….). Got some hilarious blackmail-worthy pics of my older daughters snoring away heheheh… 🙂

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