Free Books

This has nothing to do with homeschooling, or homemaking. No, wait, it does, actually, because if you are a homeschooling Mom like myself then chances are you are a TOTAL bibliophile and get as excited about the prospect of scoring free books as most of the boys I went to school with got excited when the Habs won a game—especially against Toronto… They actually won the Stanley Cup for the 24th time on my 16th birthday, but that has nothing to do with free books, so I’ll quit the hockey talk and get back on topic before you begin questioning why you decided to read this post in the first place… Oh, and it has to do with homemkaing because if you are using resources wisely and/or getting amazing things for FREE(!!!) then that is most certainly part of being a rockingly awesome homemaker.

Free books. And with today’s technology, you don’t even have to leave your house to buy them, or have to wait for them to arrive in the mail. You click and download after paying—with an accumulation of gift cards that you traded all of your Swagbucks for. This is not a scam.  And quite honestly the only reason I didn’t dismiss it as one is because a mother of twelve children whom I know personally, and who is very frugal and concious of time wasted & potential “silliness” (so to speak) told me she bought over $100 of books through for FREE simply by using Swagbucks instead of Google and accumulating points while doing so. When you homeschool, you Google A LOT. So… why not Swagbucks instead of Google, and gain a few books or other useful items along the way?

I tried it. I have been using it for a while now. And so far I have cashed in Swagbucks for Amazon gift cards quite a few times.

Well done, mom of seven, well done…

Give it a shot. I mean, if you use Google a lot, why not switch to Swagbucks and treat yourself or someone you care about to a little something special every few weeks? Or finally purchase that resource you have borrowed from the library seventeen million times so that other families can actually have access to it for more than two weeks? Don’t make that face. You know you’ve done it too…

Read about this lady’s experience with Swagbucks over at The Happy Housewife. I did and am even more inspired now. Ho. Ly. Mackerel. Computers??? Sheesh kabob!!!

Have an amazing day!



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