Three cheers for fear mongering…

Oh, Canada AM, I am so disappointed in you.

This made the air this morning.

No link to the study. Just some doctor scaring the bejeebers out of women regarding homebirth, and basically contradicting so many other studies out there that prove it’s safety.

I am so very disappointed.

On a side note, are we insane to ignore that our current trend of beginning our families over a decade later than previous generations is affecting the safety of our pregnancies and deliveries?  I understand it. Completed post-secondary education, established of careers, financial security… But at what cost? I am shocked and deeply saddened by the amount of miscarriages and complications I read about in women my age (I am 36) who are only beginning their families these last couple of years. I didn’t see that as much in my peers who started having children much younger. Interesting trade-off…

Parents, midwives, doctors, doulas, nurses… what are your thoughts? What have been your experiences regarding pregnancy, birth, homebirth (if this applies)? Did you wait to have your children, or did you begin your family young?  Do you regret any of your birth-related choices?

2 thoughts on “Three cheers for fear mongering…

  1. I agree with you. What a terrifying thing this would be for a new mom-to-be to read, and the doctor doesn’t even cite her sources or define how the study was done. I’ve had three hospital births, and while I’ve been very happy with my experiences here (Everyone seems to go out of their way to follow your birth plan and make sure your choices are respected), I’d switch to home births in a heartbeat. The trip to the hospital in the middle of labour (not to mention the admission process when you’re there) is not at all peaceful and pleasant. Not to mention that in a normal, healthy birth the doctor may or may not arrive in time to catch your baby (which is fine…anyone else can do it just as well), and you think…why do I even bother to come? Of course, the chance to rest without the other kids afterwards is nice.
    My sister has had two unassisted home births (not deliberately…they just were born that fast!), and she was fine.
    I am very, very thankful for modern medicine and all it has to offer to those who need it. I think people forget that (despite all the horror stories they may hear) most of the time having a baby is a normal, natural process that does not require a specialist or an institution.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences, Nelleke.

      After three hospital births I was told that I would probably never be able to give birth without an epidural as I seemed to stop dilating at 4cm.

      I had our fourth naturally in a birthing centre with midwives in QC, followed by two homebirths (one unassisted and one with a retired midwife friend who had practised for over 30 years). Our youngest was an attempted unassisted homebirth which ended in a transfer because of a minor complication that could easily have been dealt with by a midwife. Midwives, alas, are still not allowed to practice legally on Prince Edward Island, despite all of the research (and the experiences of other provinces) proving not only their safety, but their cost-efficiency as well, as interventions are far less frequent when delivering with midwives. Our expereince at the hospital was on the whole quite good, but after having two babies at home and one with midwives, one can’t help but feel slightly violated when they wake up to find strangers poking and prodding at their infant without consent. It was just strange after not experiencing it for so many years…

      I have to go back and check the CTV link again to see if they have added a link to the study yet. I just find that incredibly irresponsible reporting.

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