Go me

My laundry room had been driving me crazy. Not the laundry room itself, as The Husband has done a beautiful job with it, but the shelving unit where the sheets and extra blankets go was a disaster. I had initially separated all of the sheets by size, and labelled the sizes underneath the shelves in the hopes that my children would read the labels and actually fold and put any sheets that they washed on their designated shelf. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I’m just hilarious sometimes… Sigh…

Now that I have tidied it up, I wish I’d taken a “before” picture.

ImageUnfortunately, the labels are not legible in this photo. The top left shelf is for Double sized sheets. My daughter has a double bed. The right side if for King sized sheets, of which we have two sets right now, and one is on our bed while the other is on a Queen sized bed upstairs (it is a new-to-us bed and we do not have any Queen sized sheets at the moment).

The second shelf is for all the Single/Twin sets. What I like to do to make things look tidier and keep sets together is fold the sheets and then place them in their respective pillow cases. It looks nicer when they’re on the shelf, and it makes it easier to just grab a set when changing a bed. If you have “strays”, you can match them up to make sets as well.

The next shelf down is for any comforters, extra blankets or pillows—of which we obviously do not have many as most are being used by the nine people currently living in this house—and leftover sheets and pillow cases that I could not make into sets. The bottom shelf is for extra mattress covers and smaller blankets. We still have some baby blankets that the younger girls use on occasion.


I keep my laundry soap and detergent boosters on a shelf in front of the washer & dryer, leaving enough room to place a laundry basket there when I have a load to do. The Husband built a stand for the washer and dryer so they would be easier to access when using them. It saves a lot of bending over. Seeing as we do about 2-3 loads a day, I’m glad he did this.

I put my clothes pins in a plastic bag I (cough cough) stole form my children. They had LEGO in it but the LEGO never winds up going back in after they use it, so I figured they wouldn’t miss it much. It has a handle on the top of it, and there happened to be a nail in one of the beams going across the ceiling, so it seemed to be the perfect place to hang it.


The grey bin on the floor is where all of the hats, mittens and scarves go. Again, easy access for the kids. Wet things go into the bathtub when the kids come in, and I just grab the pile and toss it into the dryer when I leave the bathroom. From the dryer they go right into the bin. The kids just go and get what they need when they’re heading outside.

It is amazing how much more efficiently things run when we get organized. Quite frankly the sight of the shelves would actually stress me out. It has taken me years to come to the point where I finally understood that the effort put into a bit of organization is well worth it if it keeps frustration (the inevitable result of chaos) at bay and peace of mind at hand.

This took me about 45 minutes to do. I had everything on the floor and was sorting, separating and folding it all. When it was done, the room felt stress-free and soothing. Looking at disorder will subconsciously stress us out. For many years, I was too exhausted and occupied with babies to clue in to the effect that my disorganized surroundings were having on me. It was tiring and frustrating to clean and organize just to have it undone or torn apart by little hands or the next meal (just about everything was made from scratch at that point, and for a few years we only had a cook stove at that). I felt as though I were wasting my time. But a little effort goes a long way.

So for 45 minutes of work and a few minutes of maintenance here & there in the future, I am no longer greeted by chaos when I walk through my laundry room door.

This makes me quite happy.

Go me… 🙂

One thought on “Go me

  1. I completely understand your need for order, and I’m impressed that you manage it with 7 kids. I have four but because of the age gap we only had a few years with everyone at home. I get stressed out when things are messy/disorganized. There were years when I had trouble keeping up, but now things are pretty peaceful.

    Regarding laundry- I always had my washer/dryer in the basement, for some reason that was the way all of our houses ended up, with it in the farthest possible spot. And sometimes we didn’t have a dryer (when we had a solar home), or I tried not to use it much. Now we’re living in a townhouse and I have a washer/dryer right by our bedrooms. It’s so easy!

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