New Year’s Eve

I have mentioned in previous posts the blend of backgrounds in our family. This makes for interesting holiday traditions. The last few years, we have slowly begun to find our footing.

Tomorrow will be a full day of celebrating. We have PVR’d (is that a verb?) a few films to watch between puzzles and board games. There is a storm coming in, so we may actually be without power, as we were for a couple of hours today. Welcome to life on a tiny Canadian island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence…

I have planned a breakfast of French Toast, Scrambled Eggs & Fruit in the morning, some munching throughout the day, and Serious Nachos (a.k.a. nachos with meat & olives & hot peppers etc.) for dinner.

Everyone is excited. One of the beautiful things about having a large family is that you can’t possibly spoil them on a daily basis even if you want to. So… they truly and sincerely enjoy the days of complete celebration more than any other children in North America would LOL… Maybe not “any”. Because, let’s face it, some kids are truly hard done by. And that’s sad…

I am grateful to be a Mom. Grateful to have a husband who loves me—who, after almost 17 years together still can’t keep his hands off me when I walk past him. I am grateful for healthy children. Hey, if you’re going to have an auto-immune disorder, Celiac Disease is the way to go, as all you have to do is remove gluten from your diet and voilà! you are just as healthy as the next kid as soon as your villi recover. I have it good. According to my birth chart, The Universe shines upon me and I have a proverbial horseshoe up my rear end, so to speak, although to career-centred people it may not seem so. Oh well, I’m down with this mum-of-seven-artist-writer thing…

I will take pics tomorrow. I promise.

I will post pics of tomorrow, I promise.

You have two choices when you live far away from extended family: make the most of what is before you, or don’t.

I choose to give my children a happy New Year’s Eve.

I sincerely hope that any readers who find themselves in a similar situation will do the same. Life is what you make it. So make it good.

Happy New Year.




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