2014 Reading List

So I have this problem.

I created a reading list that I had truly hoped to tackle before 2015 rolled along. I genuinely thought I would.

The problem is not that I’m not reading. The problem is that books that are not on the list keep coming my way and I am reading those instead.

Should I still attempt to tackle the list and all of these other books as well? Should I say “Forget the list: this other stuff rocks and I am LOVIN’ reading it all”???

Would I be a quitter if I quit, but was actually reading even more than I was before getting distracted by all of the non-list books? Is that really quitting? Or is that just being rational and rolling with the awesomeness of diving into unexpected delights passed along to me?

Help…  :)…

4 thoughts on “2014 Reading List

  1. I think you should look at your list again, and put a star next to the top three (or one, or ten…whatever you decide) that you would be really sorry not to read this year. Read those, and give yourself a break on the rest. It’s not quitting, it’s adjusting to real life. 🙂 That’s what I’d do.

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