Re-blog: What you do vs. how you do it

Flowers a friend brought over form her garden last year.

I received this link in my Inbox this morning from Simple Homeschool.  It hit the nail on the head regarding my love/hate relationship with the continuous task of feeding my family. Every day. Three times a day. Unless I have to work (Fridays during the summer). I don’t really hate cooking—I actually enjoy it when I can take the time to do it well, and sit at a lovely table with my family to  actually enjoy it. I feel… hurt and unappreciated (pity party, I know) when I pour myself into making food only to have everyone sit where they can watch TV and inhale their food. This did not used to happen in our home.

About a week ago I decided to change my approach to meals. I had let things slip. I can’t blame the Taurus Husband and the children for taking the easy route. We  are all inclined to do so.  Can I honestly say that if someone handed me a stack of gift certificates to an amazing restaurant that would  cover dinner for weeks on end, I wouldn’t be indulging? Easy way out… So I set the table outside on the deck for lunch. I put a little extra effort into getting things together. I did the same for dinner during the week. My son got in on it and took it upon himself to place the cutlery “just so” at each setting. My herbs are growing again as well, so it’s nice to be able to go outside and pick fresh ones to use again.

I used to do this all the time. I used to plan out my meals and take the time to enjoy making them. Life gets busy and things slip. We get tired. We get side-tracked.

The funny thing is, when there is a beautifully set table inside or out, everyone gravitates toward it, sits down together and enjoys heir meal. They even help clean up without the usual reminders or prompting.

I grew up this way. My mother was home with us until I was about 11 years old.  Meal time was important. I enjoyed this.

I am not a mac & cheese, drive-thru kind of lady. I can feed my entire family a well-prepared and healthy meal and dessert for the cost of two of us dining out. And when I think of it, I do enjoy making meals when I have the time to do it well.

The reminder in my Inbox was just a nice bit of extra encouragement.

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