How can I not love teachers?

I am frequently asked if any of my children have ever attended school, and then for how long, followed by the inquiry as to why they left.

The expectation often seems to be that there were issues with teachers and “authority”.

Nope. Not at all. Not one iota.

In fact, the more positive aspects of my children’s experience in the school system ALWAYS involve the teachers and the staff in general. My kids remember every teacher and staff member (secretary, janitor, educational assistant) incredibly fondly. I believe some of that is due to the fact that they were fully aware of the effort being put into educating and helping them,  and they did not take that for granted.

I am so anti-homework it borders on being some kind of disorder.  😉 My teenage son briefly attended a nearby French school and his biggest downfall was not completing his after school assignments.  Oh, he had a desire to learn the language, and has always had a desire to learn in general. But as far as homework was concerned, it just wasn’t happening. Regardless of the fact that he adored and respected all of his teachers, educational assistants, and anyone who was there for him whatsoever, and still talks about how they helped him,  two years later. I think he wishes there were some “non dorky” way to express to these teachers just how grateful he was for their help and consideration towards him, because it meant a lot. He still talks about it.

I have mentioned in previous posts that a couple of very close friends, and my sister-in-law (love you, Sis!), are teachers. When we all hit a point where we finally realized that we were actually on the same page as far as children and education were concerned (we want the best for them because we LOVE them), we realized that we were most certainly not “at odds” with one another. Not one bit.  We love kids. We love  learning. We love it when kids love learning…

I love teachers: they want kids to love to learn, plain and simple. And certain teachers made a huge difference that will never be forgotten among my own children. I am grateful for that.

How can I, as a mother, not be?

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