Two weeks

I did not sleep well last night.  I still haven’t found my “sea legs” as far as balancing a new part-time job and home life: housework, meals & planning, time with the girls, time for myself—I neglected that last part for a few years and will never do it again, as everyone is happier when Mom is in good shape both mentally and physically. I suppose I haven’t put much effort into finding the balance as of yet, with half of my family (the male half) being at the end of a month-long trip across Canada and into Alaska. Why get set up just to have to start over a couple of weeks down the road? Been there, done that, makes no sense. So I sit here with my notebook, a few windows open on my browser (one being to my own book for a little scheduling and meal inspiration), preparing for a very different kind of homeschool year than we have experienced in a while; one which will begin in about two weeks. I am grateful to still be able to be home most of the time, and to have regular weekly hours close by doing something that is interesting and not exhausting.

My parents have been visiting for a the past week and a half as well, but staying in a cottage nearby. They have a house here that is currently being rented out. This is another difference in “the norm”: they have spent more time on the island since buying the house, but this visit has been short. And it will end today at noon.

I want to offer my children the best education they can have. By that, I don’t mean the highest quality text books and private tutors. If I were rolling in dough private tutors would be fun; alas, we will settle for deals with other homeschooling parents who have strengths that I don’t in exchange for help with French or Art. We’re a community, and I love that. It is nice to feel connected after so many years of being isolated, save for the online homeschooling community.

I came across this today. I won’t spend $25 on a spiral-bound book that I can pretty well make myself, but I am thoroughly inspired by her sample pages (field trips, reminders, books to read, goals for the week). I need a certain amount  of organized chaos in my life (ENFP), but become overwhelmed with too much chaos, or on the flip side, too much micro-management. By organized chaos  I think I actually mean variety… The  thought of doing the same thing every day, Monday to Friday, makes feel caged and suffocated. The thought of how my autumn looks at this point seems just about right: one more thing and it will topple and fall apart, but just enough happening that all seems refreshing and new as it happens (did I mention the ENFP thing? 🙂 ).

I broke a promise  which I am feeling guilty about right now: I had told the little girls that I would paint their room while their father was away. This was before the part-time job came into play.  I think I can still do it though. I hope so. I don’t like breaking promises.

Back to the planner: I would like to post our goals, reminders, field trips, and books to read/films to watch on a weekly basis, and recap how the previous week went. It may be helpful to moms who are just beginning their homeschool journey this year (I know a few), and to other moms who are homeschooling while working part-time or running a home business, as many do.

Feel free to share your own plans in comments or link up so we can read what you’re up to this coming school year.

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