Love and Belonging

For people who don’t actually celebrate Christmas, we have sure done a hell of a lot of holiday celebrating this month.

I am a Solstice gal. I like the history, the connection to nature’s cycles, the magic, and the simplicity of it. When we have family around who enjoy Christmas, we participate as well, to share in it with them and honour them in the process. But left to our own devices, today, like any cold rainy Sunday when we all have a day off, we are “shlepping”—food, Lord of the Rings & other favourite films or shows, getting accustomed to our new phones (I am finally out of the dark ages and TEXTING now hahaha)… My husband has been texting his son in QC for the past couple of hours. I will be calling my parents, brother & sister-in-law in about an hour or so. But not much is happening here today aside from that.

That said, December has been a constant flow of holiday-related gatherings and activities. It has been wild this year, to put it mildly. It has been fun. Today is our first quiet day this week. Last night was a Christmas Eve blast.

I used to feel sorry for myself when everyone around me had family to spend their holidays with, and we were here alone, on this little island. We have developed some amazing friendships over the years, with so many people who have become like family. Some are in the same boat as we are, and perhaps this has drawn us to one another. My plate has been full this December, in a wonderful way. I am grateful that so many have “adopted” our family as an extension of theirs. I am grateful that my children are welcomed and loved as well. This place is home.

Happy Holidays, Merry Whatever The Heck You Celebrate, and Peace and Love to all.

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