I’m enjoying this

So far this week has gone well. Today’s rhythm did not resemble the schedule I created on Sunday, in the sense that things happened at much different times, and some things didn’t happen at all (because only a fool would divert a child who is consumed by their current creative project to re-direct their attention to the correct spelling of numbers).

But I’m enjoying this.

Monday was terrific. Yesterday was as well: homeschool group (LOVE my homeschool group friends!!!), errands, and an impromptu date night with The Husband.

I had an amazing workout this morning and some kiddo company while I stretched. I have been working on the girls’ gigantic mountain of laundry. The kids helped me with cleaning today, and instead of what we had set out to do according to Lesson Pathways, we spent almost an hour reading our current selection from a local author. I will be heading outside to get some fresh air after this post, and have a painting to work on that has been neglected for far too long. I don’t feel bad about the lack of Lesson Pathways as we did more than planned on Monday. In my mind it all works out.

I was pleased to receive a copy of Oh She Glows and a Shiva Rea morning yoga DVD in the mail yesterday, and look forward to trying the latter in the morning before work. I did the elliptical & Gun-Bun-Ab Challenge this morning, as this was my inclination.

The kids have decided that their small blankets are capes and are running around like superheroes. I love it when they use their imaginations. They played a bit of Minecraft after lunch while the older ones were in town with their father.

I’ll have to get a few activities ready for them to do while I am at work tomorrow, related to what we’ve looked at this week. I have to say, I truly enjoyed spending four days in a row with the kids again (longer if you count my gross flu days)—it felt like being a full time mother again. So I will dive into what I call my “work weekend” tomorrow, enjoying the kids in the morning and evening, and look forward to what next week will hold for us.

A meal & pint at The Olde Dublin Pub in Charlottetown before heading to the theatre.
A meal & pint at The Olde Dublin Pub in Charlottetown before heading to the theatre.
Oh She Glows!!! It’s finally here!
I can’t wait to begin this. 🙂

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