Did I mention that I love my homeschool group?

Our homeschool group was cancelled this morning due to shitty weather and road conditions (yes, I wrote “shitty”). This is rural PEI, where roads become greasy and slippery (or slippy as we say here) pretty much any time we get a snowfall of more than 2cm. Teen Book Club was also cancelled as I had no desire to be facing possible icky roads… right about now, actually. We would be ending right about now, and it is dark, freezing, and from what I am reading still slippy out there.

I tend to chuckle when people say that homeschooled kids are un-socialized and have no connection with other children. We look forward to our weekly co-op gatherings. What strikes me with the homeschool group is that children do not pair/group off based on age, but based on how well they get along, or mutual interests. I saw this tendency fade when my children were in school, where they were segregated based on age… Anyhow, here is a brief description of what our Tuesdays will look like for the next few weeks.

Jan 20th – Winter Walk (wooded trail at one of the mother’s homes)

Jan 27th – Visiting Sheep Farm (lambing season so lots to see and learn–this is at one of the family’s farms)

Feb 3rd – Ancient Egypt (learning about Ancient Egypt with hands on activities and food typical of the period)

Feb 10th – Swimming with Friends (at the local rec centre)

Feb 17th – Service Dog Info session

Feb 24th – Step Dancing Lesson

March 3rd – Music Lesson (one of the mothers is a professional music instructor)

March 10th – Build it with Boxes (we will have a variety of large appliance boxes, cardboard tubes, duct tape and other materials with which to create—partly because I work in a high-end furniture & decor store that throws some of these things away muah ha ha)

We are fortunate enough to have access to a huge church hall on Main Street when needed, and a new parent mentioned that their church would be happy to host us as a back-up plan if need be. Our local librarian is very supportive of our group, and the rec centre created a swimming lesson time specifically for homeschooled kids. PEI is a terrific place to be a homeschooler, I must say.

What kind of activities do you do with your homeschool co-op if you are part of one? What kind of experiences have you had? What is it like to homeschool where you live?

6 thoughts on “Did I mention that I love my homeschool group?

  1. I may end up finding out what homeschooling is like around here and will let you know! My JK son is having some difficulties and the thought of homeschooling him has crossed my mind several times lately. It scares the crap out of me though! Try to stay watm and keep away from slippy roads, i’m doing the same here in Ontario!

    1. Hey Cristi.

      I’m sure research and connecting with homeschoolers will ease your fears. There are more of us out there than you think. 😉 What part of Ontario are you in? Is there a group within a reasonable distance that you could connect with?
      Getting rain here tomorrow, after a deep freeze. Hope your weather is a little “friendlier” this week!


  2. Right now we only take part in the gym class the group has at the YMCA. There are two I could choose from….one is very casual and one is highly academic. I’d prefer something in between but will probably participate in the more casual one next year with my youngest son who is 4 now. My older son is in high school and has too much to do besides gym to get involved and the classes in the other one just aren’t my cup of tea.

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