Trailing Spouses and Self-Actualization

“My last question brings me back full circle to my concern about feminist discussions not exploring self-actualization beyond the confines of how men have traditionally defined themselves. Employment status is a foolish foundation on which to primarily build identity. Shouldn’t we be reaching for something better, richer, and deeper?”

Little Apartment in Pyeongtaek


I recently came across several articles discussing the changing dynamics of military marriage in a post-feminist world, including this one written by Sarah Smiley. As with much involving talk of feminist issues, it manages to get halfway to the heart of the issue and then falls short. Hello Capitalist Man, meet Capitalist Woman. By this I mean, traditionally female labors are cast aside in favor of work in the public realm, the work that contributes to the GDP, the only sort of work that is real in our society. Employment is being held up as the defining aspect of the human identity and prescribed as the way for adult humans to find self actualization. I am not a fan of work being given such a primary importance for women nor men. For the lucky few, their employment may be fulfilling, but for many others, work is simply the means to…

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