Super Awesome Day

It is almost 11:00pm and I am ENFP-ing. EVERYONE is asleep except for me, but my mind is all over the place and I don’t really want today to end. If you could imagine Tigger on uppers that is me when everyone goes to bed. Unless I’m sick.

We went to an authentic archaeological dig with our HS group today. There were only four families in attendance as opposed to the usual 6 8 10 oh frig I don’t know, A LOT. But we had so much fun! And CBC happened to be there, so if you would like to catch a glimpse of us on the PEI news, skip on over to Compass, go to 14:30, and then again to 20:59. 🙂

I have no cool pics to share today, but I am fairly certain an entire provincial news clip will nullify anyone’s disappointment. In case you have never met me, I am the tattooed chick in the jeans and brown tank-top, and my kids are… not being interviewed because they pretty much said “no way in hell, Mom”. Especially the teenage daughter with the sandy blond bun and the grey tank-top (who is going to kill me for mentioning her and pointing her out—thank god she doesn’t read this…).

I have a small car that fits five people. My husband drives a truck that fits six. I generally only take the four youngest to homeschool group. Today, my 15-year-old showed interest, so a friend swung a left and picked her up (three cheers for friends!). She kept my boys when we had to leave and drove them home, and we enjoyed a nice, bugless cup of coffee on the deck (lots of mosquitoes in rural PEI—we so scored when we bought this place). I spent a few minutes trying to mentally establish how & when we met. I am fairly certain she bought a book I had for sale/barter online (The Artistic Mother) for which she brought a few jars of homemade spaghetti sauce, which we exchanged at a homeschool gathering at MacPhee’s Orchard. But I could be wrong—it happened once in 1991… She is an INFP and I am an ENFP, so she’s me if I were quiet and I’m her if the bat-shit crazy were ever let loose. At least that’s my understanding of it. She has a Master’s degree in psychology, and I have… seven kids, one with a beard. After she left, I made some chapatis, hummus, cut up some veggies that I scored at the new produce place in Montague, and de-boned the chicken that had been in the slow-cooker all day. We packed a cooler and picnic basket, and when The Husband & 13-year-old arrived home from work, they changed & we hit the beach 10 minutes down the road. What a great way to end the day (besides the seventy thousand goodnight hugs from my 9-year-old).

So check out the clip on Compass, and if you are on PEI, go to Roma before Friday at 4:30pm and help out with a super cool archaeological dig.

Oh, my friend Laura has some pics over here. You could check them out if you want. And if you ever meet her she gives awesome hugs. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Super Awesome Day

  1. lol I laughed at the “hell no” that would be my kids exact response too if they didn’t want to be on camera! I had to go take thepersonality test and came up a ESFJ …pretty spot on. Sounds like an awesome day!

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