On being kidnapped

There is a link. Bear with me. And I guess it’s not really kidnapping when you’re super excited to go.

I don’t have a mother-in-law. I can hear some of you exclaiming just how lucky I am. My husband would disagree because he likes his mother-in-law, a lot. Over the course of my marriage, I received two visits from my actual mother-in-law, years apart. She passed away last year. She was a devout Jehovah’s Witness, and my husband had left that religion long before he met me. They had been quite close when he was a JW. It is sad. She did manage to invite us over for dinner before we moved to BC in 2000—there must have been some kind of allowance made, I don’t know. Anyhow, I basically never had a mother-in-law.

But I have an “Aunt Eleanor“. 🙂

My husband looked up his aunt a few years ago and reconnected with her. She was never religious like her sister, but independent, feisty, an activist, an in so many ways the polar opposite. Yet my husband sees the resemblance between them in certain mannerisms, expressions, ways of thinking… When she came to visit a few years ago, we all kind of adopted each other. The guys drove all the way out to the Yukon to visit her last summer. Next spring, she is coming to PEI, possibly with another sister/aunt whom I have never met, and kidnapping three of the girls and I to visit NFLD for the first time ever. I can’t wait.

Wayne, the boys & Aunt Eleanor last summer.
Wayne, the boys & Aunt Eleanor last summer.

Which brings me to reducing alcohol intake.

As of next week I will only be working outside of the home one day a week. In some ways, our expenses will be reduced simply because I know how to stretch food, get creative in the kitchen, I’m a thrift store junkie, and I rarely buy things we don’t need or aren’t useful. I’m not a spender. I’m not a shopaholic. We don’t eat out very often. But I have noticed that over the last year our alcohol intake has upped quite a bit. What used to be limited to a six pack on beach days, a bottle of wine or whiskey with visitors or on storm days, has become an almost daily indulgence. Not an entire bottle, mind you, and often just a glass of something. But when I step back and look at how that adds up (this stuff is expensive on PEI), I am rather disturbed. It’s like throwing money away. So it ends now. Yes, I still have monthly wine group. That works. Time to switch back to my “old” ways. This is definitely the biggest loss of cash that could be saved for something like a trip to NFLD instead. Plus, I’m kind of getting fat, and I think that more than anything it’s the beer/whisky/wine. I also haven’t read anything positive health-wise about alcohol, aside from a glass of red wine a day. I don’t want to be sick, I don’t want to be lethargic, I want to be healthy. So goodbye alcohol (except at wine group and on special occasions), see ya later. Hello lemon water. And helloooooo icebergs. 🙂

There’s a common thread among members of our family: when we really want to do something, we do it. I think we’re all like this to a degree. That’s why I’m not impressed with billionaires: it is most often a case of simply being single-minded and pursuing a vision at all costs until their goal was achieved. It was a matter of deciding to do something, and pushing and pushing and pushing. Whatever we want in life, we will achieve IF it is of importance to us. My husband and I are both wise with our finances, but neither of us has ever had the burning desire to be rich—having personally known a few wealthier people, we have seen that often, the costs are too great, and not worth the gain. And none of them seemed any happier or more content than the rest of us. When we want to do something, we shape our actions and lives to make it happen. I’m going to NFLD in May and am having a damn good time while I’m there; this is going to be my mindset from now until then. Step 1: cut out unnecessary expenses. I’m actually excited to get back from Toronto in a couple of weeks (yes, going there too LOL) and start sifting through our belongings to sell what we no longer need or use. Perhaps a fall yard sale is in order. I really hope we camp because I love nature. Agh! This is going to be awesome. I spent my 20s having babies while my peers travelled and established their careers. Now my peers are having babies and I am starting to travel. Weird. Aslo weird that I have a 17-year-old who looks like he could be my 23-year-old younger brother (train of thought: he bought our camper van last year, which would have been quite useful to take on this NFLD trip).

Note the photo-bombing little brother.
Note the photo-bombing little brother.

The Yukon trip was a life-changer for all three boys last summer. They went to Alaska as well, which was an experience and a half for them: people don’t walk around Main Street with big guns here… Mountains, grizzlies, the world’s smallest desert. It is the girls’ turn next year. Travel is amazing.

I can’t wait…



2 thoughts on “On being kidnapped

  1. Sounds like an amazing adventure and some good changes too! I haven’t enjoyed alcohol much in most of my life (well besides the college years!) so I can’t relate to cutting back, but I wish you success 🙂

    1. Hey Alexandra,

      So far so good. 😉
      Lemon water & coffee are my bevvies of choice (not at the same time LOL), and some herbal infusion as well.
      Enjoyed a glass of merlot while dining out so much more the other night because it is no longer a regular/daily thing. My bank account and waist line will thank me. 🙂

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