Public school as an extension of unschooling (bear with me)

So I’m sitting here this morning drinking my dark roast and listening to my fifteen-year-old daughter excitedly fill me in on a reality tv show she is watching online. My daughter is an INTJ (just liker her dad) and when they are excited about something, they will share every last detail about it. It’s adorable. I … More Public school as an extension of unschooling (bear with me)

How Stupid I Was

How stupid I was… to be kind to people who had proven they didn’t deserve it, time and time again in the hopes that someday they would return my kindness, sincerely and not in a backhanded way just waiting for a moment to hurt and humiliate me once again. I don’t do that any more. … More How Stupid I Was

I’m enjoying this

So far this week has gone well. Today’s rhythm did not resemble the schedule I created on Sunday, in the sense that things happened at much different times, and some things didn’t happen at all (because only a fool would divert a child who is consumed by their current creative project to re-direct their attention … More I’m enjoying this

Word for the Year

Last year was the first year that I chose to have a “word for the year”. The idea came to me after reading a friend’s blog. It made such sense. Choose a word to focus on over the next year, and make it your theme of sorts. Have that word at the back of your … More Word for the Year

Love and Belonging

For people who don’t actually celebrate Christmas, we have sure done a hell of a lot of holiday celebrating this month. I am a Solstice gal. I like the history, the connection to nature’s cycles, the magic, and the simplicity of it. When we have family around who enjoy Christmas, we participate as well, to … More Love and Belonging